Ok, I'm not an economist but instead have a business degree and loved economics.   Based on what I see in the market place today, I believe the price increases we have seen is more about lack of inventory than about any expanding economy nationally.   HOWEVER, I am aware of one principle about real estate that applies here and it is that real estate pricing and demand can remain very, very local.  With that,  I do agree that the local Livermore economy has been bolstered by a thriving business community and growth.  If you want an example, just look at the new PARAGON OUTLET coming in and other large companies that are now making Livermore their home.  The city actually has plans that is is reviewing and approving.  The pace has picked up and things are looking up for our local economy in the short and long term future.   With this you may wonder,  " What's in it for me?".   Well, for starters,  stable home prices are really important.  I think we all found that out over the last recession.  

If you waited to buy, you may have waited too long,  and if you waited to sell,  well, you are ok.  if you need help with either please call me.  I'm happy to help.   



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