Why Pay Commission and Hire a Professional?

I hear this question rarely but more often recently, " Why would I pay an agent 2.5% commission when I can find a buyer myself?"

Great Question!!  I have many great answers.

1. We've been there and done that!

Everyone knows that anything can happen during the sale process. It takes experience and knowledge to help Sellers avoid common pitfalls that can ruin your sale and cost you thousands.   Forget to exclude something from sale, or disclose "As Is" or didn't protect yourself from the probability of large repair bills upon inspection?  These are common mistakes that FSBO owners make that cost tens of thousands.  If you go it alone and run into a problem, who do you turn to when it's too late?

Legal Protection

Tensions can get high and sometimes it's the small things that end up causing the biggest problems.   You need to make the proper disclosures and use the right language. These small things can sometimes end up in lawsuit. Rare, but true. Using an agent can protect you from legal problems. We carry errors and omissions insurance. Do YOU?


Pricing right, using proper negotiating skills and diligently soliciting the highest offer for your home means lots more money in your pocket.  Other Buyer agents have qualified Buyers.  Your listing agent reviews their  clients' qualifications and knows what red flags to look for.  You would hate to choose some stranger to buy your home and then find out they don't even have a proper pre-approval letter or that the funds to close escrow are tied up in Europe somewhere.

Preparing the home properly

Should I do this or should I do that?  What color should we paint?  Should I get rid of this couch? Past sales teach us what should be done and not done. Use our knowledge and business team to save you time and help make the right decisions.

Spending dollars in the right place

Should I put a lawn in and redo the pool?  Can I go to market without a termite inspection?  Should I convert that room back to two?  We can help you with these decisions.

For Highest return on investment

I have a budget of $4,000.  How should I spend it?  I don't have cash but have equity. How can I make improvements and pay later?  We can help with this problem too!  I see smaller investments of $4,000 to $7,000 return $50,000 to $70,000. Let us show you how.

Less stress

Trying to make all these decisions on your own and do all the work can be very stressful.  We can coordinate everything and you can continue in a somewhat normal fashion with less stress because we take the guesswork out of the picture.

Superior marketing

We use professional photographers, stagers and sophisticated syndication tools to send your listing details literally all over the world.  We also use our deep local relationships to network heavily with local agents here and around the state. From sign up to sign down we have all your real estate needs covered.

Leverage Buyer demand

Most importantly, statistics show that FOR SALE BY OWNER homes sell for markedly less.  Why is this?

First, exposure to strong Buyer forces and demand in the current market more than makes up for monies spent on commission. I'm seeing this time and time again in this market.  Homes listed go well over list price with incredible terms benefiting the Seller such as free rent back. Second, homes listed by owners bring out the " low-ball" offers. These are investors who know the market values very well and look for their next great deal. Don't fall prey to this. Hire a professional to protect you. Exposure to the highest number of buyers is a must for the highest rate of return.

Ok then, is it ever ok to sell without going on " Market" ?  I feel that it is only right when the Seller is determined not to have a bunch of strangers through their house for privacy concerns and/or have been adequately advised that the opportunity cost could be substantial.

For more information and a complimentary Seller consultation  call Natalie Swanson today at 925-580-9829.

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