Where’s That Phantom Listing?!


I realize that there is a REALTOR for everyone out there and that I can't help list every property in town. There are not enough hours in the day!  I do wish I could save some of the unsuspecting homeowners from the negative effects of the poor marketing and service that I see in the market place.

I searched today for 30 minutes to locate a property that was supposed to be listed for sale here in Livermore.   I nearly gave up!  I finally located the property through an out of area MLS service.  If I'm looking for a home to buy in Livermore and my agent doesn't even list it in our own MLS system, what good does that do the homeowner?  As for marketing,  I only found one out of focus picture with half of an individual showing on the edge of the photo.

Ask the right questions of your potential listing agent.  Where will you list my home? Do you use a photographer? Do you specialize in this area?  Be bold and ask " How many homes have you sold this year here?".

A home is often times your largest asset.  Interview and ask the important questions so you can squeeze out every dollar possible from your home. You've worked hard for it! Don't end up being the next phantom listing and losing an unknown amount of money because nobody knew your home was for sale.

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