What’s a Seller’s Advantage?

Why is my client Mega and her best friend, Bryan the dog, so happy?  They're super pleased because they just sold their condo within a couple days and received 6 weeks of free rent-back.  YES, THAT WAS 6 WEEKS!   This is one the best advantages of selling in this market. You, as the Seller, can dictate and demand free rent-backs and other buyer concessions in order to make a smooth transition to another home. 

Mega found another home in the Dublin flats that suited her needs within a couple weeks and moved from one house to the next without having to go into a rental situation.  

If you are considering a sale, you should negotiate these types of things into your agreement up front.  Don't get caught with an inexperienced agent who may not know how to work these into your deal.   I can show you how to do this and other things to make your move a great one.  Call me! 

Natalie Swanson



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