What’s My Home Worth?


I hear it all the time. Natalie, what's my home worth? Isn't this what we all really want to know? Who really cares about any other neighborhood or any other home. 

Those fancy active, pending, and sold flyers are sent  to you in the mail and you simply look at the sales  data and make your own assumptions based on what sales prices are seen.  Right?  Well, maybe  but without having seen the interior of the homes or having intimate knowledge of the various updates in each of them, my experience is that the average homeowner is still in the dark as to the actual value of their home.

It's an important job for the experienced listing agent to objectively look at the recent sales and educate their clients about these other homes. The key for you, the Seller, is to find a listing agent who has been in these homes and not simply viewed them online. This is just one reason of the multitude of reasons why it's important to work with a listing agent who specializes in the same market in which you live. 

If you are wondering what your home is worth. I'm here to help! Especially if you live in Livermore. Call me for a complimentary market evaluation of your home. No strings attached!  

Natalie Swanson


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