Tri-Valley Update

Prices continue to appreciate. We are now about 2 years into an upswing. As with any kind of market, we have cycles of ups and downs.  From all indications we have another couple years or so of upswing until the cycle changes course.  This upswing has been brought on by pent-up demand for housing by Buyer’s who are still very qualified and putting large down payments.

Emerging are post-short sale buyers and families in their 30’s and 40’s wanting to move. You might be one of them!  You and your friends are now qualified and ready to purchase.  The competitive market place will continue through this selling season.

I’m focussed on the market everyday so don’t hesitate to call me with your quick questions or if you know someone who needs help buying or selling, I would love to talk with them anytime.  My business has been built by referral and so I appreciate your trust in referring me to your friends and family.









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