Is It Time To Sell?

Yes, and here are 5 good reasons to sell now:

1. Price increases have brought your equity back.  2013 brought some of the largest gains in decades. Most owners in the Tri-Valley now have plenty equity in order to complete a non-distressed sale.

# 2. If a planned move-up is in your future, do it now! An anticipated 10% rise in prices means your current, less expensive home, is appreciating less dollars than the larger, more expensive one.  The sooner your move up happens the better.

# 3. Increased competition means that your home will mostly likely sell closer to list price and on average, over list price in the Livermore Valley.  If you trust my expertise on pricing and list with my team, you should expect to sell at 103.5% of list price.  That’s my average. ( That’s above the Realtor average in town. I will always give you my honest, professional opinion on pricing an explain my proven pricing strategy.)

# 4. Get on market before others! Beat the competition to market. Prepare now and reap the rewards later with a higher return on your investment.

# 5. We have tremendous pent up demand for people to move.  Sell easily now and with the help of my team, use a proven strategy to ensure you find the perfect home in a timely fashion.




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