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Successful Short sales are never an easy task.  No matter how hard you work on these things there is only one thing you should expect.  Expect the unexpected. Things change. The short sale lender can have changing requirements from week to week depending on the investor of the loan.   It's like playing a game and having the rules change at any time and the goal you have been shooting for seems to move.    With patience, understanding, team work, and flexibility of the ALL the parties involved, these sales can occur successfully like this one.  I am committed to going the extra mile to help distressed Sellers with the help of my professional negotiator. He/She is a priceless asset to my real estate team.

If you know anyone contemplating a short sale please have them take advantage of this opportunity for help.   We are holding a complimentary short sale seminar at Livermore's Public Library on Feb. 21st.  6:30pm to 7:30pm.  The information is complimentary but the knowledge you will gain is priceless.  My negotiator is incredibly knowledgeable and will be available to you at no expense.

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