Should We Wait or Should We Go?


I'm being asked over and over, " Should we list our home now or wait till the Spring? "   In answering this question, I have always been cautious in advising a Seller to first get a home perfectly prepared for a sale and then go on market.   Prepare, prepare, prepare has been my motto and it has served my clients well.  We are now seeing the Livermore real estate market changing.  As a result, I am now advising Sellers to quickly prepare a home and hit market before winter when inventories will slow and rise in the Spring. 

Now that we are at the beginning of August and the market for listings in Livermore is heating up, we are seeing more competition from other Sellers.   Unfortunately, with the increase in inventory we are seeing it becoming slightly more difficult to sell some homes.  By Winter I suspect that we will see homes sit on market for a period of time.  This is unlike anything we have seen over the last year and 10 months.  The Spring of 2014 will seem like a more "normal" market where supply and demand is more in line. Instead of 15-20 offers on some listings we will be lucky to see 5 or 6.  This has already started to occur. 

If you are considering a sale, I can help you prepare quickly. I work with an incredible team who is waiting to assist you.  Contact me for a complimentary appointment today.

Natalie Swanson


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