Shhhhh! It’s a Secret

Shhhh? Well, maybe not anymore! People relocating to California are hearing about us.  Livermore has been the best kept secret for several years now. As we sneak out of the last recession it’s becoming more evident that Livermore is more vibrant than it has ever been. Downtown is busy and hopping most nights of the week. Whether you are looking for live music, art shows, wine events or good eating, you will find it in downtown Livermore.

I am so proud to be a Livermore resident. I was here decades ago during the “no growth” period.  It was a time when chain link fences and weeds were seen in the downtown area.  Instead of going below the railroad tracks on Murrieta Blvd, you drove over them.  When going over the “hill ” on Portola to First Street, the only thing you ran into was “SmorgaBob’s”.   If you remember that you really are a long time resident!!

We are now benefitting from  well thought out revitalization programs. My hats off to the planners. We still have new and exciting things to come in Livermore. For more details about what is happening please contact me. I am happy to share with you why so many people are moving here.  If you are considering a relocation here I am happy to give you your first tour.

Natalie Swanson


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