Real Estate Marketing 101: Two Must Haves

Marketing AND Networking sells your home.  Marketing MUST include a multitude of  advertising photos. Not all advertising is the same.

I am constantly amazed when I see homes marketed using unprofessional photography.  How can you pay your agent a commission and tolerate photos where the flashes show up in mirrors and you see bathroom photos with toilet seats up?  Un-staged, ill-prepared properties sell for less than top-dollar.   I feel bad for folks when I see their largest asset being sold as if it were being sold on the used car lot downtown.  The internet is where people are looking.  If you don't look good, you are being missed by an un-tapped group of potential buyers.    Besides marketing,  networking is the most often under-utilized method of selling. 

Networking with other agents, clients, potential homebuyer and sellers, is a very effective way to sell homes quickly.  The home town agent has a huge advantage in this arena.   Besides not knowing the area, out of town listing agents don't usually have the contacts necessary to put deals together informally.  This is just one of the many reasons to use a local agent when looking for, or selling your current home.  

If you are listing your property soon, I can help.  Call me anytime.  I'm never too busy to help.

Natalie Swanson



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