Prices and Inventory Up in Livermore


What a crazy time is has been lately in Livermore real estate. Sellers have come out of the woodwork. I can tell you exactly what’s going in the real estate market in several sentences.  Livermore inventory is UP, Prices are WAY up, BUT the frenzied market is now stabilizing and we are seeing less offers on properties.This reason is two-fold. Interest rates increasing has dampended demand somewhat and many Seller’s over-pricing their homes is now leading to homes sitting on the market. It’s not a coincidence you are seeing more for sale signs. The general trend right now is that Sellers are finally realizing they have a lot more equity than they did last year.  Long-time owners are hitting the road and families are looking to move up. Retirees are moving to places like Trilogy in Brentwood.


Have you ever heard Trilogy Brentwood? If not, you need to look there. I have helped three differenct couples move there this year alone.  If I was 55 that is where I would be moving to.  For more information please call me. I can connect you with Gail Washaeur out there. She is one of their sales reps. 


Wonder what your home is worth and what you should do to prepare it?  Please call me today.  I can help.


Natalie Swanson


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