Most real estate seems to be selling quickly these days in LIvermore and Pleasanton neighborhoods.  Traditional Sellers are having no trouble finding a buyer.  It is so helpful to properly prepare a home for sale so that you can sell in the fastest amount of time and at the  highest possible price.   When you sell quickly, this is usually the case.   Some Sellers think they should hold out for a higher offer.  It most often works in reverse.  The longer you  wait for an offer on your home,  the lower the price gets.    This wonderful home on Murdell Lane sold quickly because if was priced right and prepared properly.  The Seller's preparation paid off.  Having  4 bedrooms, ample square footage and a having a great neighborhood huge factors too. 

If you are considering a sale please contact me today.  Let me help you prepare so you too can get the highest price for you home.   

Natalie Swanson


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