Tri-Valley Update

Prices continue to appreciate. We are now about 2 years into an upswing. As with any kind of market, we have cycles of ups and downs.  From all indications we have another couple years or so of upswing until the cycle changes course.  This upswing has been brought on by pent-up demand for housing by Buyer’s who are still very qualified and putting large down payments.

Emerging are post-short sale buyers and families in their 30’s and 40’s wanting to move. You might be one of them!  You and your friends are now qualified and ready to purchase.  The competitive market place will continue through this selling season.

I’m focussed on the market everyday so don’t hesitate to call me with your quick questions or if you know someone who needs help buying or selling, I would love to talk with them anytime.  My business has been built by referral and so I appreciate your trust in referring me to your friends and family.









I’m Going to Miss You

Selling a house should be a happy occasion all the time right?  8 years ago when I started my real estate career I hit the streets and started knocking on the doors of complete strangers. Odd it seems, but with no fear that’s how you get your feet wet.  You learn that the occasional rejection is nothing compared to all the wonderful people you meet and meaningful conversations you get to have with homeowners.  Most of the time selling a home is a happy occasion but over time, as friendships grow, I find myself so sad to see some of my good friends move away. No longer strangers I have to say good bye to people I adore. I am honored that people I know trust me enough to sell one of the biggest assets they will ever have.  Farewell to the Parra’s. I will miss you dearly but look forward to seeing your wonderful new home in Melbourne, Florida! Parra

Return of Contingent Offer

Just when you think you have the real estate market figured out,  it changes on you.  Families want to move but are afraid to let go of their homes until they find a replacement. This is the perfect contingent offer market. We are going to see more sales fall in line like “dominoes.”  Not only will Buyers write contingent offers, the Sellers will be approving their sale contingent on them finding a suitable replacement home as well.  It can get tricky so work with an experienced agent. Call us for details

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You Can’t Post That!

My husband tells me occasionally, YOU CANT POST THAT!  This picture might be one of those.  Never have I seen grass and weeds growing out of an indoor carpet! No photoshop here, this is actually growing in a distressed sale home in Livermore. Just when you think you’ve seen everything!


Is It Time To Sell?

Yes, and here are 5 good reasons to sell now:

1. Price increases have brought your equity back.  2013 brought some of the largest gains in decades. Most owners in the Tri-Valley now have plenty equity in order to complete a non-distressed sale.

# 2. If a planned move-up is in your future, do it now! An anticipated 10% rise in prices means your current, less expensive home, is appreciating less dollars than the larger, more expensive one.  The sooner your move up happens the better.

# 3. Increased competition means that your home will mostly likely sell closer to list price and on average, over list price in the Livermore Valley.  If you trust my expertise on pricing and list with my team, you should expect to sell at 103.5% of list price.  That’s my average. ( That’s above the Realtor average in town. I will always give you my honest, professional opinion on pricing an explain my proven pricing strategy.)

# 4. Get on market before others! Beat the competition to market. Prepare now and reap the rewards later with a higher return on your investment.

# 5. We have tremendous pent up demand for people to move.  Sell easily now and with the help of my team, use a proven strategy to ensure you find the perfect home in a timely fashion.




Could-a, Should-a…

Based on this chart showing the rise in the average price per square foot in Livermore, I wish I would have bought lots of real estate in 2012.   Whether I could have or should have, is water under the bridge. It’s not too late!  We have tremendous upside potential based on the economic indicators  I have been hearing.



Livermore’s, 234 Amber Way Comes to Market

Livermore is still a hot market.  With only 32 single family detached homes to purchase today, Jan 7th, 2014, this Tempo, single level, South Livermore home is sure to sell fast. Call me for all the details. With a nice list price of $599,950 and 3 beds/2baths, you will want to make a move fast!

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Mixer date: Wednesday Jan. 15th, 5 to 7:30pm.  Location:  2300 First Street #316. Please come visit us at our new office location.  Not only do we love to help Seller’s and Buyer’s in the Tri-Valley, we couldn’t do what we do without lots of help from local business pros.  Are you a business owner in Livermore or Pleasanton looking for other successful business owners to network with? If yes, stop by our mixer and say hello.  Please bring business cards and an associate. We look forward to meeting you!

Natalie Swanson

Keller Williams Tri-Valley Realty

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Ok, I’ll Admit…..

I had two listings in Livermore this year that did not sell. They were the only two of the 27 listings I put on market. Sure, we hit the market right when we ran into a price dip in August, but truth be told, the owner was warned that the price was on the very high side and that this strategy is very risky at best.

It seems that some owners don’t believe me when I tell them the following, “The longer a house is on the market, the less likely you are to get fair value.” It’s really that simple. So you really need to position yourself to be the one that sells, not the one that languishes. How have I helped people do that?

It’s seems counter intuitive but, when you list a property lower in price, you end up selling faster and for a higher amount. If a home is priced low enough, you will have multiple offers which is the best case scenario. The price is bid up.

With little inventory right now, it’s a great time to hit the market early as a Seller, but before doing so, please get prepared for sale. Call me for more details.

Natalie Swanson
Keller Williams Tri-Valley Realty

Livermore’s Median Sales Price Making Healthy Gains

The median sales price for homes in Livermore CA for Sep 13 to Dec 13 was $526,000. This represents a decline of 2%, or $11,000, compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 19.7% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 31.5% over the last 5 years in Livermore. The average listing price for Livermore homes for sale on Trulia was $731,510 for the week ending Dec 25, which represents an increase of 3.2%, or $22,905, compared to the prior week and an increase of 10.3%, or $68,292, compared to the week ending Dec 04. Average price per square foot for Livermore CA was $333, an increase of 26.6% compared to the same period last year.

The Livermore market has settled and It’s a good time to consider a purchase. Call me today to get started and learn everything you need to know about Livermore!

Natalie Swanson
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