Farmers Market Adding Value for Livermore Residents

Livermore Farmers' Market                          Market Schedule

Day Time Season
Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Year-round
  Location: 2nd Street between J and K Streets Get directions…

Thursday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 to October 20, 2011
  Location: Carnegie Park at 3rd & J Street Get directions.


The Sunday market is now open year-round and the Thursday evening market is open every week throughout the spring and summer!

Still a Strong Belief in Home Ownership

Owning a home builds stability in our economy and in our families.  Nearly 70% of Americans think now is the time to buy.  Get yourself in position and do what others are trying hard to do.  Buy now.  Save, cut back on other stuff and put yourself in position to build some wealth either by owning your own home or buying your first investment property.  First time investors are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the buying population.  


Education officials on Wednesday released their annual Accountability Progress Reports, or APRs.  These reports, a compilation of state and federal standardized test results, are used by educators to gauge how well schools and districts are performing academically.  Those figures include the state’s Academic Performance Index, or API, and the federal Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, and Program Improvement designations.


School scoring is important to young families moving to the area.  Look up your school scores here:


Are you confused by what all these numbers really are?  Click on the link below for a simple explanation.

API, AYP, PI: What Does it all Mean?


Needle in a Haystack! Livermore Turn-key Home!


603 Jade Place  Livermore, CA

In case you hadn't noticed, we lack quality homes to purchase in Livermore.  This listing  is a needle in a haystack amongst many other homes that just don't cut the mustard.   There are many reluctant Sellers  with homes on the market.  They don't really care that the dishes are dirty in the sink and that  toilet seats are left up.  Sellers that take the time to prepare their home properly  for sale, are the same ones that took care of the home while they lived in it.  It is not surprising then that these Sellers do command more dollars per square foot than other homes.

603 Jade Place is an example! A quality remodel is a refreshing site for both agents and buyers.  If you are hot on the trail to finally find a nice place,  this home might be it.  Great schools, fantastic location, and it's ready for you to move in.  You just can't beat it in today's market.  

$479,000, 3/2  1,488sf.  

Call me for more details

Livermore Prices Are Looking Stable


Please, please,…if you do anything, do this!  Realize that all real estate markets are very local.  

My hometown might be different than your hometown.  Livermore, CA looks very stable based on this 5 year chart yet I hear people here say every day they are worried about doom and gloom for pricing.   Don't listen to major media outlets for an understanding of what's going on in your hometown.  If you need to know what's going on in your real estate market, contact an agent specializing in your market. 


Is Livermore “Downtown Urban Art” a Plus or a Minus?


Have you noticed the "A-Frame" signs sprinkled around downtown Livermore lately?  The signs say something to the effect, " Livermore urban art being created ".  Many days went by before I figured out what was going on.

I wasn't aware of the obvious until I observed two women with rubber gloves spraying paint onto a very large electrical box in the middle of downtown. At first glance I thought they were "tagging" and painting graffiti with no objection from  anyone.  Over the next several days I noticed that more of these electrical boxes were painted.  Some are painted nicely and others,  well, lets just say, not as nice.  

Good or bad, for the most part,  this "art" is a welcome addition  to downtown Livermore.  It would have been  nice to be able to offer critique on a box or two that probably shouldn't have made it past the art quality control police. Maybe it was reviewed and we missed the boat?  Who knows!

I know that the beauty of  art  is in the eye of the beholder.  Other than one box distinctly looking like it has cow udders hanging from the top, I think that the art is just another display of how Livermore downtown area has become and will continue to stay a wonderful place to bring your family.  A definite PLUS in my book.

Free Foreclosure Preview Tours and Opportunity Knocks


Come Join me as I kick off my Livermore Bank Owned Property Tour.   First time homebuyers are welcome.  You DO NOT  need to be an investor to join us, although, investors are very welcome,  You will be met at my office briefly and then head out to see numerous bank owned properties available.    Come  personally see some of the opportunities available in real estate.  This is a low-key event and you will be driving in your own vehicle.   Each participant will receive a special bonus incentive for attending.  I will have financing information available. Come with your questions and curiosity. 

Prudential CA Realty

1790 First Street, LIvermore

2nd and 4th Saturdays

10am to 12pm


RSVP  925-580-9829 OR email:



For News Release

1790 First Street Livermore, CA 94550




Governor Brown signed into law today, July 25, 2011 a C.A.R.-sponsored bill, Senate Bill 458, prohibiting a deficiency after a short sale for one-to-four residen- tial units, regardless of whether the lender is a senior or junior lienholder. Effec- tive immediately for transactions closing escrow from this day forward, both sen- ior and junior lienholders cannot require a borrower to owe or pay for a deficiency in a short sale. This law also prohibits any deficiency judgment to be requested or rendered for senior or junior liens after a short sale of one-to-four residential units. Any purported waiver of this rule shall be void and against public policy.

Although a lender cannot require a borrower to pay any additional compensation in exchange for a short sale approval, the new law does not prohibit a borrower from voluntarily offering a monetary contribution to a lender in hopes of obtaining a short sale. A lender is also permitted under the new law to negotiate for a con- tribution from someone other than the borrower, such as other lenders, agents, relatives, and the like.

Exceptions to the new law include a lender seeking damages for a borrower’s fraud or waste; a borrower that is a corporation, LLC, limited partnership, or po- litical subdivision of the state; a lien secured by a bond as specified; a public util- ity lien; and additional rules apply if a note is cross-collateralized by more than one property.

This law is fully set forth as Senate Bill 458 (Corbett) at


Whats the #1 way to decrease the value of your home???? In my professional opinion……….to smoke in it. Trust me on it.

Whats the #1 way to decrease the value of your home???? In my professional opinion……….to smoke in it. Trust me on it.

Small Livermore Home is on a Hot Deal List

Awesome!  I'm not the only one who thought my listing at 1415 Marigold in Livermore, CA was a hot deal! When was the last time you could by a small home in Livermore for $259,000 and it wasn't near the railroad tracks!!   This home was remodeled as well.  

These Livermore home deals do become available frequently.  Investors are buying and the regular folks are scared.  Don't follow the scared herd!!  They all end up falling off a cliff.  The blind lead the blind.  This is the time to buy up Livermore.  Call me anytime to find out how you can participate.  Do it now.   I'm an active Livermore agent selling homes mostly in Livermore.  I'm happy to help you navigate your next purchase!