Ok, I’ll Admit…..

I had two listings in Livermore this year that did not sell. They were the only two of the 27 listings I put on market. Sure, we hit the market right when we ran into a price dip in August, but truth be told, the owner was warned that the price was on the very high side and that this strategy is very risky at best.

It seems that some owners don’t believe me when I tell them the following, “The longer a house is on the market, the less likely you are to get fair value.” It’s really that simple. So you really need to position yourself to be the one that sells, not the one that languishes. How have I helped people do that?

It’s seems counter intuitive but, when you list a property lower in price, you end up selling faster and for a higher amount. If a home is priced low enough, you will have multiple offers which is the best case scenario. The price is bid up.

With little inventory right now, it’s a great time to hit the market early as a Seller, but before doing so, please get prepared for sale. Call me for more details.

Natalie Swanson
Keller Williams Tri-Valley Realty

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