Livermore Remodel No-No!

Oh no,  please tell me you didn't really do that!   This is a good example of why consulting with an agent, a contractor, or an architect is a great idea before you undertake any remodel project.  All of these professionals should  consult with you for free.  You can run ideas past these folks  to see if what you are thinking of doing in your home makes any sense or not.  The alternative is to go it on your own and risk making major remodeling errors like this one.  Now granted,  the mistake of putting a toilet in the bedroom closet is a first for me and a blunder I still can't believe someone actually did.   In any event,  I'm sure you get the point that with any remodel,  you can always call your trusted realtor to make sure you are not turning your home into something functionally obsolete.   The whole idea is to increase property value with every dollar and NOT  the opposite.  My advice is to ask for and take free advise and avoid any similar errors.

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