Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers’ Having Easy Time of It

What you are hearing is true, ….. Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers are having an easy time of it.  If a home is not sold within 14 days, it must either have major structural issues, be severely overpriced or in that higher, move-up range of pricing which is not seeing quite the action of the lower price ranges.  For Livermore, that home price cut-off is about $600k-ish, and for Pleasanton, more like $750k.  

There is no shortage of over-all  demand.   You have to miss the mark by a bunch to not get a home sold these days.   I say this with caution to any Seller who thinks selling on their own will save them money.  Anyone can sell a home at a low price quickly.  It's having the right combination of preparation and planning that results in the highest Seller Net Proceeds.   The most critical component to the highest price is exposing your home to the market.  

DO NOT sell to the neighbor next-door, or to a friend who agrees to pay your asking price.  I can guarantee you, there is probably somebody somewhere else, who is willing to pay more.  You never really know until you expose your home to the open market.  The open market is a MUCH, MUCH bigger pond than the one pin-pointed individual who tells you they want your home.

As you can see from the charts, prices are up and inventory is low.  This trend will continue throughout 2013. If you are considering a sale in Livermore or Pleasanton, you are in luck.  I can help you prepare your home to receive top dollar in the quickest amount of time.  

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Natalie Swanson

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