Is Livermore “Downtown Urban Art” a Plus or a Minus?


Have you noticed the "A-Frame" signs sprinkled around downtown Livermore lately?  The signs say something to the effect, " Livermore urban art being created ".  Many days went by before I figured out what was going on.

I wasn't aware of the obvious until I observed two women with rubber gloves spraying paint onto a very large electrical box in the middle of downtown. At first glance I thought they were "tagging" and painting graffiti with no objection from  anyone.  Over the next several days I noticed that more of these electrical boxes were painted.  Some are painted nicely and others,  well, lets just say, not as nice.  

Good or bad, for the most part,  this "art" is a welcome addition  to downtown Livermore.  It would have been  nice to be able to offer critique on a box or two that probably shouldn't have made it past the art quality control police. Maybe it was reviewed and we missed the boat?  Who knows!

I know that the beauty of  art  is in the eye of the beholder.  Other than one box distinctly looking like it has cow udders hanging from the top, I think that the art is just another display of how Livermore downtown area has become and will continue to stay a wonderful place to bring your family.  A definite PLUS in my book.

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