This Isn’t a Sidewalk on North Livermore Ave.


No,…. this isn’t a Livermore sidewalk.  It’s a preview photo of the duplex located at 520 N. Livermore Ave. in Livermore.  The duplex might be a good investment for an investor with a large tool-belt.


What you really see here is a very old “TAR AND GRAVEL” roof which  can cause you a headache when searching for homeowner’s insurance.  It can also lead to leaks in your home which will ruin your property and could lead to mold problems.  


You don’t need to run when you find a roof like this, but do consider putting a pitched roof on top to protect your investment.  Don’t know how to do that?  What’s that cost?  Call me,  I’m happy to give you  a referral to a reputable contractor.


ps.  Oh, and yes, ….yours truly will even get on a roof to make sure you are buying a good investment.  


Cell: 925-580-9829


Natalie Swanson

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