This Isn’t Oz!


Be kind to your  Livermore neighbors and don't have your home become a beacon!  This home does not bring you the kind of attention that you normally like.  This sure isn't Oz, and I don't see a yellow brick road leading up to the front.   Matter of fact, this kind of paint job  can actually bring down property value if you are in eyesight of it.  There is not much you can do if you are living nearby, unless you have some kind of influence with the culprit.  Maybe you can offer to repaint the house in a neutral color.  If you are trying to sell your own home next door, the money you spend  to help your neighbor repaint will probably be worth it in the long run.

There is a saying in real estate that I often quote for my sellers who are considering home improvements. I tell them that " Paint in the can is $40, but paint on the wall is worth a $1,000! " Well, … and now we know that this is only true if you know how to pick the right color.  If you are unsure, ask someone who knows a little something about paint and color or else,  you are risking being unkind to your neighbors and attracting the attention you don’t want.   Ask a local expert like me, and I will make sure you don't end up becoming the next neighborhood beacon.    Paint on the wall can and should be worth much more than what's in the can.   I help homeowners everyday by answering their questions about how they might increase the value of their home.  If I don't know the answer,  chances are,  I can refer you to someone who does.  I'm never too busy to hear from any of my Livermore neighbors.


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