I’m Going to Miss You

Selling a house should be a happy occasion all the time right?  8 years ago when I started my real estate career I hit the streets and started knocking on the doors of complete strangers. Odd it seems, but with no fear that’s how you get your feet wet.  You learn that the occasional rejection is nothing compared to all the wonderful people you meet and meaningful conversations you get to have with homeowners.  Most of the time selling a home is a happy occasion but over time, as friendships grow, I find myself so sad to see some of my good friends move away. No longer strangers I have to say good bye to people I adore. I am honored that people I know trust me enough to sell one of the biggest assets they will ever have.  Farewell to the Parra’s. I will miss you dearly but look forward to seeing your wonderful new home in Melbourne, Florida! Parra

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