How Can a Listing Expert Save You $50,000?

Can you spend $7,000 to make $40,000 or even more? YES! A modest investment in preparing your home can make even more money. How? Let me use an example to illustrate.

Seller prices a Livermore house at $815,000 and makes no improvements to the home even though it was built in the 1990’s and has blue faded carpet. Seller’s home sits on the market for 4 months and after several price reductions, eventually sells for $775,000. Over these 4 months, the owner paid out $12,000 is mortgage payments and taxes.

Take the same Livermore home and invest $7,000 in in new carpet, paint and minor fixes. Put the same home on the market at $825,000. The house then sells in under 30 days at list price. The Seller is now out from under having to pay another $9,000 in mortgage payments and taxes. If you add this savings to the price difference, you now come up with a whopping $59,000 increase in net monies to the Seller.

Did the Seller make more money in the second deal?? You bet he did!

If you are about to sell a home and have not considered these things, please contact me. I can help you spend your dollars wisely and help you bring more dollars to the bottom line after your sale.

Natalie Swanson



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