HOT TOPIC: Where Will Livermore/Pleasanton Home Prices Be in the Spring?

Here are some national pricing projections by several major entities:

* Zillow thinks we will not see a bottom in prices until the first quarter of 2012.
* Standard & Poors estimates prices will drop %5 in the next few months. 
* JP Morgan Chase says prices will depreciate 6 to 7% over the next six months.
* Barclays indicates prices will fall 7% by the end of the first quarter of 2012.

I must remind you, ALL real estate is very local in nature.  Our local economies in Livermore and Pleasanton have done well compared to other communities. Sure, we might see a seasonal blip down come winter time, but I am encouraged by how many active buyers are looking for homes right now.  The bigger problem being faced is lack of quality inventory. This problem is spreading. Home-owners who properly prepare their homes for sale will be rewarded with fast sales.  

Do you need to prepare a home for sale or are you having trouble locating a suitable home for your family?  If so, I can help.  Please contact me anytime to discuss your moving plans.  I'm never busy to help you navigate this challenging market-place.

Natalie Swanson


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