I just helped my good friend Guillermo, or "Memo" as he says to call him, purchase a home on Nadine Street here in Livermore.  The home may not look so hot from the photo but just wait till he is done with it!  It will be a gorgeous, turn-key property, likely to sell very quickly.  

This was a Government foreclosure, or HUD sale for short.  What this meant for us was that this was NOT and easy purchase.  The government likes to change things up a little and rewrite the entire agreement in a format that is foreign to agents.  With some patience and due diligence, you can eventually purchase these government properties and either live in them or fix them up.

Drop by and visit Memo as he repairs this property and turns it into a place lots of people would love to call home.  It really is for the good of Livermore.  The address is 254 Nadine Street.   Call me for details and if you know someone who might be interested.  This could be the home for them! 

Natalie Swanson


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