I am so upset by these terrible photos that I had to post about it today.  This home just came on market and the address of the home and the name of the agent will go un-named.  If your realtor ever posts pictures like this online of your home they are an amateur photographer at best and not acting as a professional realtor.  HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER!  Mr. and Mrs Seller, you need to hire a professional realtor.  

Realtors should get paid money for a good reason. They are supposed to bring more money to your NET SALE PROCEEDS. THE marketing they do for their clients should be top-notch and look professional. These photos are upsetting to see. Marketing of a listing is a reflection of one's business.  Who would want to work with someone who actually marketed a home in this fashion in this kind of market? The reaction from the agent when I suggested using a photographer was that the home would sell fast anyways. Basically, they won't spend the money on what's needed  because no matter what they will get paid.  This is totally unprofessional!  I feel so sad for the Seller.  IF THEY ONLY KNEW!!!  Ask the right questions of your agent, please



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