What to Expect in South Livermore?

For those of us living in South Livermore, we already know what more and more people are beginning to find out. Some of the most beautiful neighborhoods available in the Bay Area today can be seen nestled among the hills and vineyards.  

Tucked between wineries, historical sites, quiet biking and walking trails are some truly amazing sites to see.  An early morning walk down Arroyo and Wetmore Roads will fill your ears with nature sounds, and your eyes with the beauty of Sycamore Park.  As you stroll along these areas you may have an occasional visit from one of the local wild animals.   They don't have a history of bothering  humans too much so it's best to continue on and enjoy your walk.

As you explore Livermore, each of the area neighborhoods' charm can be gleamed from it's own unique entrance statue.  As you pass through these neighborhoods you will see why others are talking about our town.  This uniquely gorgeous area is now being matched by the thriving heart of its downtown.  After a very deliberate and extensive effort to revitalize the downtown into the cultural center is have become, we now have a town and infrastructure that matches it's surrounding beauty. 


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