Buyers have suffered enough over the last 24 months while trying purchase homes here in the Tri-Valley, especially in my backyard, Livermore, CA. If you are a Buyer, it’s time to dry your tears.  A new kind of real estate market has arrived. We have seen a shift to longer market days and price reductions. We have returned to a more “normal” market.

What does a more “normal” market bring? It brings the contingent Buyer. With less competition a Buyer can now make an offer on a property and not have to compete for the home. Good news!  I’ve been in sales now for 9 years and just had my first back to back to back contingent sale process.  There are so many things to consider during the negotiation process.

This market still requires a professional. Do you need one? Please call us today. We are happy to help you navigate.

Natalie Swanson, Keller Williams Tri-Valley.  BRE#01709115


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