Conquering Kitchen Clutter

Do you ever walk into where you cook and wonder where your kitchen went?  The kitchen tends to be the most-used room in the house, and can fill with all of the refuse of the day quicker than you can microwave a frozen dinner.  Fear not!  Though you may not be able to see your counters yet, there are a few simple steps to bring back your kitchen to how it looked when you first moved in.  If you want to reclaim your kitchen, here are the first steps.  

1) Store all items near where you use them (pots and pans near the over, for example)

2) Group like items together (mixing bowls, cooking gadgets, storage containers, etc.)

3) Store the stuff you use the most in the most accessible places

4) Keep small kitchen items in containers so they don't get lost

5) De-clutter as least once a year

Ridding the kitchen of clutter is probably the most important step – and the most difficult.  The once-yearly de-cluttering is the time to get rid of the stuff that you don't use or need anymore.  It may be tough to toss things, but when will you really use all seven of those pie pans at the same time?  Maybe it is time to get rid of one or two.

When it's time to start tossing, many people are amazed at how many like items pile up in the kitchen.  Often times, the once lost can opener is found, and then you have two or three; more than you really need.  You may even find that de-cluttering may be best several times a year.

After your kitchen is streamlined, it's time to make a plan for organization to keep things under control.  Take stock of what you have and where you use those things most often.  Store like items where you use them.  Designate the place where you prepare your food, and store those tools (measuring cups, mixing bowls, etc.) near there.

Next, where do you cook the food?  That should be where the spices and utensils rest.  Your flatware and dishes are best stored near the dishwasher or sink, which makes putting away the clean dishes easier.  Stackable wire shelves and spice racks that mount to cabinet doors can help make the most of your cupboard space.

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