Congratulations to Tyson and Deborah!


It was a pleasure when,  out of the blue,  I got a call from Tyson and Deborah.  I was found on the internet!!  That's not the usual place I am " found " but in this case, that's what happened.  

Long story short, I was able to help Tyson and Deborah negotiate their listing agreement in the S. Bay, which saved them money, and then help them successfully purchase a home in the Tapestry neighborhood of S. Livermore. 

They are happy to report that their initial remodel plans are done and they have happily moved into their gorgeous home.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to work with clients  who are so appreciative.  It makes me want to work even harder. 

If you hear someone say " I want to move to Livermore " ,  I can help!   I am never too busy for a referral.   95% of my business is referral based but I always look forward to getting calls from folks like these who say they found me on the internet.

Happy House Hunting,

Natalie Swanson


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