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Whats the #1 way to decrease the value of your home???? In my professional opinion……….to smoke in it. Trust me on it.

Whats the #1 way to decrease the value of your home???? In my professional opinion……….to smoke in it. Trust me on it.

Small Livermore Home is on a Hot Deal List

Awesome!  I'm not the only one who thought my listing at 1415 Marigold in Livermore, CA was a hot deal! When was the last time you could by a small home in Livermore for $259,000 and it wasn't near the railroad tracks!!   This home was remodeled as well.  

These Livermore home deals do become available frequently.  Investors are buying and the regular folks are scared.  Don't follow the scared herd!!  They all end up falling off a cliff.  The blind lead the blind.  This is the time to buy up Livermore.  Call me anytime to find out how you can participate.  Do it now.   I'm an active Livermore agent selling homes mostly in Livermore.  I'm happy to help you navigate your next purchase! 

Whose That Bad Apple?

Bad Apples

There is nothing worse than a seller who closes sale on a property and then leaves the place looking sloppy.  They don't bother to clean the sinks, sweep the floors, or empty the trash properly.  Give me a break!  Why is it that some people have no self-respect or care for other people?  Where was the listing agent when we needed her to step up??  She was in Hawaii not doing her job properly.  Going on vacation is great, but if you high-tail it out of town without someone minding your business for you while you are gone,  you too are the BAD APPLE.  

Expect the Unexpected =’s Short Sale


It’s inevitable that a client will ask "Can I get a good deal on a short sale?" My answer to that questions is always,  " You MIGHT, but what you should really expect is the unexpected."

The key to keeping a happy client in Livermore these days is to set the proper expectation. I ALWAYS meet with any potential client in my office prior to taking them out on the road to look at homes because BUYER EDUCATION is a must.

If I was meeting with a new buyer today I would tell them that of the 252 homes currently on the market  in Livermore, 63 are short sales and 45 are bank owned properties. Quality homes are fairly slim so patience is the key character needed to be successful.

A short sale is the next best deal after bank owned homes BUT timeframes drag out , terms of sale change, and unknown lender influences regarding the short sale will effect decision making by the banks. None of it will make sense to anyone but the asset managers.

Statistics show that you will get your best deal on the bank owned property and you can close fast. Banks don’t make repairs so you need to inspect, inspect, inspect! Understand early what you are getting yourself into with these homes.

There are no guarantees, only opportunities. With the right expectation in tow, you’ll be on the road to landing a home in Livermore. Use an expert in the area and understand unexpected things are commonplace in this market.


The dreaded paint chip!  Are you kidding me??? 

I have run across this new obscure FHA requirement twice in the last month here in Livermore while representing buyers. 

The Federal Housing Administration, better known as FHA, has asked it's appraisers to crack-down on older homes that have any amount of paint chips on them. Any home being purchased using government financing has to be free of any chipping paint. What?!  If old, chipped paint is found to exist,   you cannot purchase the home until these areas are sanded, primed and painted. The worst  part of it all is that they don't tell what areas of the home are the cause for concern. You are left guessing what areas need fixing and hope that when they come back to check that you have covered all the areas that they flagged. This is government intervention at its finest. To top it off, the government appointed  appraiser gets to charge you another $150 to come back and check to make sure the dreaded chips are gone.  BEWARE OF THE PAINT CHIPS!

In this ever-changing world of Livermore real estate, I stay on top of these things so you can breathe easy.  Contact me to start your Livermore area home search today.  Paint chip or no paint chip!

Hello Livermore Real Estate Blog World!

The freedom of expression is just that,  the incredible ability to talk, write, comment about a limitless number of ideas, events, industries and more.  There is no limit to the imagination or one's opinion.   Thanks goodness because I definitely have an opinion about anything Livermore!!

So here you will find me, and my opinions as they relate to my hometown, Livermore, California.   I happen to love this place and have spent the last 42 years of my life here.   I know enough to know that I don't know everything about Livermore and all the economic factors, whether micro or macro, that drive this beautiful city, but I talk to enough folks around here to have some very good insight.  Join me, if you will, as I blog about all things Livermore, including my passion, Livermore real estate.  The best way to describe Livermore and the current real estate market in Livermore is "Rural Meets Modern High-Tech".    This gorgeous city has a uniqueness not often matched anywhere else in the country.  As you learn more about Livermore, the people, and our beautiful real estate, I think you will agree with me.


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