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Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

Whether your sharing your day with a special someone or single and loving it, enjoy your day and some guilty treats!

Sold! 1143 Carrera Court Livermore

Successful Short sales are never an easy task.  No matter how hard you work on these things there is only one thing you should expect.  Expect the unexpected. Things change. The short sale lender can have changing requirements from week to week depending on the investor of the loan.   It's like playing a game and having the rules change at any time and the goal you have been shooting for seems to move.    With patience, understanding, team work, and flexibility of the ALL the parties involved, these sales can occur successfully like this one.  I am committed to going the extra mile to help distressed Sellers with the help of my professional negotiator. He/She is a priceless asset to my real estate team.

If you know anyone contemplating a short sale please have them take advantage of this opportunity for help.   We are holding a complimentary short sale seminar at Livermore's Public Library on Feb. 21st.  6:30pm to 7:30pm.  The information is complimentary but the knowledge you will gain is priceless.  My negotiator is incredibly knowledgeable and will be available to you at no expense.

You may RSVP to:

Livermore – Just Sold!!! 645 Catalina Dr.

Livermore – Just Sold!!! 645 Catalina Dr.

1707 sq ft. beautifully maintained 4 bdr home w/ many upgrades. Large covered deck with hot tub. Remodeled bathrooms, updated kitchen. Dual pane windows and plantation shutters.


Representing buyers in Livermore is what I love to do.

If you want to work with an agent specializing in this area then contact me. 

Natalie Swanson


Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers’ Having Easy Time of It

What you are hearing is true, ….. Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers are having an easy time of it.  If a home is not sold within 14 days, it must either have major structural issues, be severely overpriced or in that higher, move-up range of pricing which is not seeing quite the action of the lower price ranges.  For Livermore, that home price cut-off is about $600k-ish, and for Pleasanton, more like $750k.  

There is no shortage of over-all  demand.   You have to miss the mark by a bunch to not get a home sold these days.   I say this with caution to any Seller who thinks selling on their own will save them money.  Anyone can sell a home at a low price quickly.  It's having the right combination of preparation and planning that results in the highest Seller Net Proceeds.   The most critical component to the highest price is exposing your home to the market.  

DO NOT sell to the neighbor next-door, or to a friend who agrees to pay your asking price.  I can guarantee you, there is probably somebody somewhere else, who is willing to pay more.  You never really know until you expose your home to the open market.  The open market is a MUCH, MUCH bigger pond than the one pin-pointed individual who tells you they want your home.

As you can see from the charts, prices are up and inventory is low.  This trend will continue throughout 2013. If you are considering a sale in Livermore or Pleasanton, you are in luck.  I can help you prepare your home to receive top dollar in the quickest amount of time.  

Call me for an appointment!    925-580-9829

Natalie Swanson

What’s a Seller’s Advantage?

Why is my client Mega and her best friend, Bryan the dog, so happy?  They're super pleased because they just sold their condo within a couple days and received 6 weeks of free rent-back.  YES, THAT WAS 6 WEEKS!   This is one the best advantages of selling in this market. You, as the Seller, can dictate and demand free rent-backs and other buyer concessions in order to make a smooth transition to another home. 

Mega found another home in the Dublin flats that suited her needs within a couple weeks and moved from one house to the next without having to go into a rental situation.  

If you are considering a sale, you should negotiate these types of things into your agreement up front.  Don't get caught with an inexperienced agent who may not know how to work these into your deal.   I can show you how to do this and other things to make your move a great one.  Call me! 

Natalie Swanson


Sold! 3123 4 Hill Cmn #1, Copper Hill, Livermore

This 3 bedroom, 2,5  bath condo was freshly painted and was a two-story, end unit.  With it's private porch and granite fireplace, it's no wonder that it received an offer within one hour, and 8 within 2-3 days.  The Seller allowed my team to assist with the necessary work that was done prior to sale and in the end, what resulted,  was a quick sale at top-dollar.   The sale just closed at $338,500. 

With proper preparation and help from my team of painters, stagers and contractors, you too can sell quickly for top-dollar.  An evaluation of your home is always complimentary.  

Natalie Swanson


3360 Maguire Way Unit #132

Tri-level condo with nice courtyard access and view of pool. Nice floor plan with laminate hardwood floors, tile and new carpet throughout. Granite kitchen counter. Family room fireplace, tile bath counters and floors. Walk-in master closet. Amenities include pool, gym, and community center. 2-car garage for your convenience. Close to park!


Why Do Appraisals Now Cost So Much and Take So Long?

The government stepped in a couple years ago to try to improve the appraisal process.  The government felt that consumers needed protection from appraisers and agents conspiring to manipulate appraisal prices so that deals could be completed.

The governments solution was  the creation of a middle-man company  that takes orders and sends the appraisal requests to its member appraisers. The new middlemen  now takes about 1/2 of the total cost of the total service as a coordinating fee and then sends the requests to member appraisers.

What was seen as a shake-out of bad appraisers has resulted in our best and most experienced appraisers leaving the business altogether.    They were forced to join middlemen companies and could no longer procure  business from their past customer base.  Every appraiser was now given an even playing field. It didn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you were,  as long as you met basic guidelines and signed up to receive assignments, you had to get in line to get business.  Your past client base and priceless experience meant nothing.   

What we are now left with is a market busy with re-finance, turn-times excruciatingly long, and increased prices. We continue to see that appraisals are often incomplete with errors.  Required corrections are put to the back-burner because the appraiser isn't making money.  Prices continue to go up,  service to go down, and innacurate information becoming common.

Government intension was good but in reality this mis-guided new regulation is now wreaking havoc in an already complicated process. In a new poll of National Association of Realtors members, 33% of all Realtors report problems with appraisals.  

Our hope is that the middle-man is done away with and we can go back to streamlined process where the most knowledgeable appraisers will want to come back to this business.  We need them badly.

What’s In It For You, The Home-owner?

WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO BUY HOMES ANYWAY?  There's more to it than buying for the investment.  The following  reasons are great examples of why owning your own home is still the AMERICAN DREAM.  It's because of these reasons I am so passionate about what I do.   Owning a  home is better for family and financial stability.  I love helping people make their dreams of owning a home become a reality.

  1. It means having a good place to raise children and provide them with a good education
  2. To have a physical structure where their family feels safe
  3. It allows for more space for their family
  4. It gives them control over what they do with their living space including renovations and updates.

Call me today to get started finding you dream home! 



KEEP IN MIND THE FOLLOWING IS FOR OUR NATIONAL MARKET.  OUR LOCAL MARKET HAS ALREADY TURNED AND HAS SURPASSED THESE NUMBERS.  What's this report mean to us???  It means that by the time the " so called " experts report something, it's already happening and is old news…..

“distinguished panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts regarding their 5-year expectations for future home prices in the United States.”

Here are the results of their latest survey:

Price appreciation/depreciation expected over the next five years:

2012:   -.4%

2013:   +1.3%

2014:   +2.6%

2015:   +3.2%

2016:   +3.5%

The average pre-bubble (1987-1999) annual appreciation was 3.6%