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Where’s That Phantom Listing?!


I realize that there is a REALTOR for everyone out there and that I can't help list every property in town. There are not enough hours in the day!  I do wish I could save some of the unsuspecting homeowners from the negative effects of the poor marketing and service that I see in the market place.

I searched today for 30 minutes to locate a property that was supposed to be listed for sale here in Livermore.   I nearly gave up!  I finally located the property through an out of area MLS service.  If I'm looking for a home to buy in Livermore and my agent doesn't even list it in our own MLS system, what good does that do the homeowner?  As for marketing,  I only found one out of focus picture with half of an individual showing on the edge of the photo.

Ask the right questions of your potential listing agent.  Where will you list my home? Do you use a photographer? Do you specialize in this area?  Be bold and ask " How many homes have you sold this year here?".

A home is often times your largest asset.  Interview and ask the important questions so you can squeeze out every dollar possible from your home. You've worked hard for it! Don't end up being the next phantom listing and losing an unknown amount of money because nobody knew your home was for sale.

3 Key Elements To a Perfect Sale

Selling a home quickly and for the highest price requires that the three key elements to marketing be thoughtfully chosen.  What are these elements?  Product, price and pitch!  Yes, this sounds like basic marketing 101 from my college days at St. Mary's but the same remains true today.

The first element, product, needs to be carefully prepared with the help of a keen eye.  A great REALTOR has a knack for knowing what items should be improved in a home prior to sale and has the confidence to be totally honest with their client.  Having a knack comes from the first hand experience of having made similar improvements in other homes and seeing how the market subsequently reacted to the improvements. 

The second element, price, is the most important consideration. No matter how poor a house looks, it can be sold quickly if the price is sufficiently low enough to attract Buyers through the door. I often tell Sellers that the name of the game is getting people in the door.  The market will quickly tell you whether the home is priced correct or not. I like to error on the side of a lower list price. The worst case scenario is that a Seller gets multiple offers. The effect of a price that is too high can be disastrous. 

Marketing verbiage and presentation become the "pitch" in the sales process.   In todays world it is vitally important to use good professional photography as a starting point. Any Seller should expect nothing less.  The highlights of the property need to be pointed out and used prominently; 

With proper analysis a Seller can work hand in hand with their agent to make sure the most important considerations are chosen properly.  The net effect will be a happy Seller and a quick sale.  

If you are considering a sale in the Livermore, Pleasanton please contact me today for a complimentary market analysis of your home.  

Natalie Swanson 925-580-9829

Should We Wait or Should We Go?


I'm being asked over and over, " Should we list our home now or wait till the Spring? "   In answering this question, I have always been cautious in advising a Seller to first get a home perfectly prepared for a sale and then go on market.   Prepare, prepare, prepare has been my motto and it has served my clients well.  We are now seeing the Livermore real estate market changing.  As a result, I am now advising Sellers to quickly prepare a home and hit market before winter when inventories will slow and rise in the Spring. 

Now that we are at the beginning of August and the market for listings in Livermore is heating up, we are seeing more competition from other Sellers.   Unfortunately, with the increase in inventory we are seeing it becoming slightly more difficult to sell some homes.  By Winter I suspect that we will see homes sit on market for a period of time.  This is unlike anything we have seen over the last year and 10 months.  The Spring of 2014 will seem like a more "normal" market where supply and demand is more in line. Instead of 15-20 offers on some listings we will be lucky to see 5 or 6.  This has already started to occur. 

If you are considering a sale, I can help you prepare quickly. I work with an incredible team who is waiting to assist you.  Contact me for a complimentary appointment today.

Natalie Swanson



Come Mingle with Family & Friends ~ Thursday, June 20th 6:30pm – 9:00pm

The SandloT(PG)

at V ine Cinema

1722 First St., Livermore

Because we appreciate your business and want you to start your summer off right, we cordially invite you, your family and friends to enjoy a complimentary showing of T he Sandlot. RSVP to 9253998797 or Bring a friend!

Congratulations to Tyson and Deborah!


It was a pleasure when,  out of the blue,  I got a call from Tyson and Deborah.  I was found on the internet!!  That's not the usual place I am " found " but in this case, that's what happened.  

Long story short, I was able to help Tyson and Deborah negotiate their listing agreement in the S. Bay, which saved them money, and then help them successfully purchase a home in the Tapestry neighborhood of S. Livermore. 

They are happy to report that their initial remodel plans are done and they have happily moved into their gorgeous home.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to work with clients  who are so appreciative.  It makes me want to work even harder. 

If you hear someone say " I want to move to Livermore " ,  I can help!   I am never too busy for a referral.   95% of my business is referral based but I always look forward to getting calls from folks like these who say they found me on the internet.

Happy House Hunting,

Natalie Swanson


Sold! 563 Nightingale St.

Congratulations to our latest Livermore Seller at 563 Nightingale St.

Helping owners get the highest return on investment is important to us. Our team of professionals can assist you in doing just that!    Representing sellers in the Livermore area is what we love to do.

Natalie Swanson

St.Patrick’s Day Celebration in Dublin

Looking to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Come celebrate in Dublin!  Dublin Ca that is!

Come out to the 30th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for an authentic and memorable Irish experience on March 16-17th at the Dublin Civic Center.

There will be plenty to do, Irish entertainment, Arts & Crafts fair, Festival Food Court a carnival and much more!

Another Livermore Home Sold QUICKLY! – 158 Turquoise Way

Dwayne and Katy of Livermore were happy to move from their decades-old home on the South side to their shiny new retirement home elsewhere.   Their sale went smooth and they are very happy about the results of their sale.   Happy is an understatement!

I worked with Dwayne and Katy for several months to help them prepare their sale properly.  We cured repairs items, added new carpet and paint.   With an investment of $10,000 Dwayne and Katy were able to net approximately an additional $70k to $80k in net sale proceeds.  The sale was quick and for top dollar.   it couldn't have gone any smoother! 

Helping owners get the most out of their homes is my passion. I have a great team of professionals to assist me in helping you!  If you are wondering how you can prepare for the same results please call me today!
Representing sellers and buyers in Livermore is what I love to do.
If you want to work with an agent specializing in this area then contact me.
Natalie Swanson

Short Sale – 2547 Cowan Way Livermore

This Beautiful 5 bedroom, 4 bath 4,030 sqft home with many great features sold as a Short Sale.

Congratulations to our new home owners!

I am 100% committed to assisting you in reaching your real estate goals. My focus is to provide the quality of service that will exceed your expectations before during and after every transaction. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Natalie Swanson

Coming Soon! Home for sale in Jensen Tract Livermore

Coming soon to Livermore – 237 Cambridge Way

1,284 sqft 3 bdrm 2 bath home is located in the heart of Livermore.

Fresh and clean, ready for new owners. This home features remodeled kitchen

and baths. Manicured front and backyards and much more!

Always available to answer questions.

Natalie Swanson