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Pros and Cons of Having Renters in Place When Selling


I'm selling my rental property.  Should I or shouldn't I get rid of my renters? 

Here are the pros of selling a home with renters:

1. Little to no preparation needed to sell the home.  
2. Sell " As Is " 
3. Investors might like a renter in place

Here are the cons:

1. Owner occupied buyers do not want to buy homes with current leases in place because they fear the leasee could damage the property and/or not get out.  Eviction process is long and expensive.  With a lease in place you have substantially decreased your Buyer pool.
2. Only 30% of sales are all cash buyers. (mostly investors) Your home will appeal to more of these folks and not bring you top dollar.  Investors want a deal.
3. Some investors may NOT want a current tennant in place because they want to control/review/choose the leasee.  I got burnt on a deal like this one time.
4. You cannot properly prepare the home.
5. You cannot properly show to potential Buyers, thus reducing your pool of qualified purchasers again.  As the pool is reduced so does your sales price. Simple supply/demand
6. With restricted showing some agents won't show the home.  You want the home readily available.

New carpet, paint, and baseboards can be installed in one week.  The home would only take a few days to sell. If you have any money at all to invest to increase your rate of return I would advise this highly.

If you have cooperative Tennants, and a property in very good condition, as long as the tennants are on the way out during escrow, you shouldnt have a problem.  Buyers will make offer subject to the home being vacated. If this is your situation then you may not need to wait until they are out to sell the home.
From the list you can decide what works best for you and your situation.  Either way I can help sell your home quickly in this market.  Please contact me to discuss listing your home for sale in the Livermore and Pleasanton area. 
Natalie Swanson    925-580-9829

Pleasanton Sales Brisk: Sold! 1072 Riesling Dr. Pleasanton

Congratulations to our latest Pleasanton Seller at 1072 Riesling Drive! 

Tim and Betty Jo Bassetti were happy to say the least. Their home sold with many multiple offers and went well over list price. The final sales price of $901,000 allowed them to comfortably move on to their next home in the lovely Trilogy development in Brentwood. 

If you are considering a sale in Pleasanton or Livermore our team of experts will help you achieve the greatest return on your investment.  Ask us how today!

Helping owners get the highest return is important to us. Our team of professionals can assist you in doing just that!  Representing buyers and sellers in the area is what we specialize in.

Meet the Natalie Swanson Real Estate Team!

Natalie Swanson – Life-long Livermore resident and team leader uses her market knowledge and experience to make your dream a reality.

Dave Toledo – 20 plus years in Livermore and a multi-faceted professional.

Jeff Dunaway – An East Bay native with both commercial and residential experience.

Ellen Goold – 25 years in the Bay Area and 14 in Livermore puts her expertise to work for you.

EVERY HOME deserves first class marketing and exposure to record high buyer demand. Big or small, we sell it all.


Prices have risen dramatically!



Pleasanton real estate is a hot commodity.  Please check back soon for the date this home goes on market.  It’s a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in Vintage Hills!

Business Mixer

Happy New Year!!!

Business Mixer put on by Natalie Swanson Real Estate Team

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 5-7pm

Prudential Office 1790 First Street, Livermore

Come meet some business owners. Please bring business cards and please invite other business owners looking to connect. 

There will be beverages & light appetizers available.

Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers’ Having Easy Time of It

What you are hearing is true, ….. Livermore and Pleasanton Sellers are having an easy time of it.  If a home is not sold within 14 days, it must either have major structural issues, be severely overpriced or in that higher, move-up range of pricing which is not seeing quite the action of the lower price ranges.  For Livermore, that home price cut-off is about $600k-ish, and for Pleasanton, more like $750k.  

There is no shortage of over-all  demand.   You have to miss the mark by a bunch to not get a home sold these days.   I say this with caution to any Seller who thinks selling on their own will save them money.  Anyone can sell a home at a low price quickly.  It's having the right combination of preparation and planning that results in the highest Seller Net Proceeds.   The most critical component to the highest price is exposing your home to the market.  

DO NOT sell to the neighbor next-door, or to a friend who agrees to pay your asking price.  I can guarantee you, there is probably somebody somewhere else, who is willing to pay more.  You never really know until you expose your home to the open market.  The open market is a MUCH, MUCH bigger pond than the one pin-pointed individual who tells you they want your home.

As you can see from the charts, prices are up and inventory is low.  This trend will continue throughout 2013. If you are considering a sale in Livermore or Pleasanton, you are in luck.  I can help you prepare your home to receive top dollar in the quickest amount of time.  

Call me for an appointment!    925-580-9829

Natalie Swanson

Tax Benefits for Livermore, Pleasanton Owners


YES, It’s that time of year again!  I know, it’s hard to believe, but tax time has arrived.

Homeownership has many benefits, including tax deductions for those who qualify.  Here are five of the top tax advantages of owning a home here in Livermore or in Pleasanton.  Really, anywhere in the state.

Did you know that taxpayers spend over 3.5 billion hours each year preparing for and completing their tax forms?* Given that the instructions for the forms seem to increase each year, this number is likely to increase. Even if you’re among the 3-in-5 Americans who pays a professional to complete their tax forms, there are ways to streamline the process and make it as painless as possible.* 


Please call me if you would like a referral to a tax preparer in our local area.  I am always easily available.  You reach reach me at:


925-580-9829 or