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HOT REO: Livermore Pick of the Week

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582 Adelle Street, Livermore

This is a small 1,100sf 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.   The house is priced right at $229,000.  Having first hand knowledge of the local rents in the area, I have a feeling this house will sell quickly.  Anything decent in this range will sell like a hot cake.  



If you buy an investment property in California and the following four items apply, you are in violation of civil code if you do not make an offer on a specialized contract called a NODPA.  

1. Owner occupied

2. 1 to 4 units

3. Buyer is an investor

4. Notice of default filed 

It gets worse, …….the Seller can come back and take back ownership from you up to two years afterwards! 

Just ONE of many good reasons  to work with an agent who is experienced in working with investors.  All contracts appear  the same but now you know they are NOT!

Bank Owned Properties in Livermore: What’s New?

WHAT'S NEW?  Low inventory, that's what.  BUT………If you haven't seen any of these opportunities,  NOW is the time.  We've had some properties sitting on the market for awhile and they are ripe for the picking. Come take a look at some of the opportunities available in Livermore this weekend, Saturday 10am to noon.  Meet me at the office. Investors and first-time buyers are welcome.  You will receive a worth-while incentive for showing up on the tour.   If you are just information gathering, I welcome you too!

MEET: 1790 First Street, Prudential CA Realty office.  10AM SHARP!   We will be done by noon.  RSVP TEAM@NATALIESWNANSON.COM

Second and Fourth Saturdays of the month:   That means tomorrow!   Sept. 24th.  

See you there!! 

Senate Bill 458: New Short Sale Law Considerations

Today I met with Bankruptcy Attorney, Jen Grondahl Lee.   We discussed briefly  new Senate Bill 458, and how it may effect Short Sellers.  Please see the attached link to Jen's most recent blog post on the subject. I hope you find the information helpful.  If Bankruptcy is a potential option for you, I highly recommend that you contact Jen for legal advice.  She cares a lot for each and every one of her clients.

Senate Bill 458 Legal Considerations


The number of distressed sellers on the market changes day to day.   For a weekly update on the numbers you can a click on the following link below.  Roughly 60% of our homes on the market are "regular sales" and are not in distress.

For that quickest, easiest,  hassle-free home purchase, seek out regular sales.   Call me to get set up on automatic notifications or check out my website and view for free on your own.

Distressed Livermore Sales