Livermore Prices Up, Now What?

Yes, prices are up, but now what?   If you are thinking of Selling your home in Livermore, you are in luck.  This is the perfect time to sell and move out of the area.  If you can sell and not have to worry about moving up or down, then this market couldn't be more ideal. 

I'm asked everyday whether prices will continue to go up.  Well, lets just say, I wish I had a crystal ball.  The only thing I'm certain of is that even though the world economy is sketchy,  our local economy has done very, very well.  People are still having more children and others from around the world are still wanting to move to the Bay Area and particularly  Livermore. We has become a hot spot for folks moving out of the Fremont area and South Bay areas.  In Livermore we have what others want.  Open space, good schools and now great shopping.  Our Livermore economy has so much to offer.

As prices continue to inch up, more Sellers will find that their equity positions are to a point where they can afford to move.  If this is you, or you come accross folks that say, " You know, I've been thinking about selling but don't know if I can yet. "   This is someone I can help today by providing a market analysis of their home.  Determining current market value is the first step and and is the answer to the question, " Prices are up, now what?"

 I would love to help you or your family make decisions about whether now is the time to move for you.  Call me for an appointment today.


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