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Hello Livermore Real Estate Blog World!

The freedom of expression is just that,  the incredible ability to talk, write, comment about a limitless number of ideas, events, industries and more.  There is no limit to the imagination or one's opinion.   Thanks goodness because I definitely have an opinion about anything Livermore!!

So here you will find me, and my opinions as they relate to my hometown, Livermore, California.   I happen to love this place and have spent the last 42 years of my life here.   I know enough to know that I don't know everything about Livermore and all the economic factors, whether micro or macro, that drive this beautiful city, but I talk to enough folks around here to have some very good insight.  Join me, if you will, as I blog about all things Livermore, including my passion, Livermore real estate.  The best way to describe Livermore and the current real estate market in Livermore is "Rural Meets Modern High-Tech".    This gorgeous city has a uniqueness not often matched anywhere else in the country.  As you learn more about Livermore, the people, and our beautiful real estate, I think you will agree with me.