5 Critical Questions You NEED to Ask Your Next Livermore Buyer’s Agent

1. Have you ever had a client lose a deposit check to a Seller while you represented them?  If so, how? 

Sometimes a buyer will back out of a purchase after getting cold feet and  lose their deposit.  You are trying to eliminate any agent who has cost their client money because of blown timeframes or errors.  When your money is on the line, its a big deal.

2. Are you a full-time agent?

Helping people buy and sell homes  properly  in Livermore or anywhere, requires a huge time commitment on the part of the agent.  You are taking a risk when hiring a part-time agent.  They may miss houses that come up on the market or not be available to attend inspections when they are scheduled on your behalf.  Their number one duty should be to serve you and watch over your transaction rather than another part or full-time job.

3. What year were you licensed?

Experience makes a difference.  Working with an agent who has " been there, done that " and has experiences to share with you, inevitably becomes your greatest ally.

4. How many homes did you sell over the last 12 months in the area that I am searching?

Again, experience in the market area you are purchasing is huge!  For example, If you are buying a home in Livermore and come accross an agent who lives and works in Fremont, you have to wonder if they are really representing you in the best way possible.  They probably don't know the area the way local agents do.  This goes for any area.  Agents should not be straying all over the bay area selling homes.  It's not in the best interest of the client despite what the agent might tell them and despite the existing relationship they might have.  What's in the best interest of the client  is to be referred to a specialist in that area.

5. Wlll I be working with you directly or  with your own buyer's agent?

Lets face it, some agents have a busy business.  You may get to know a great agent and then be handed off to their team member.  Find out up front who you will be working with.

6. Where do you live?

This concept is fairly simple I think, ….any agents that live in the area they are working are most likely going to be the most valuable to you.

The answers to these important questions will tell you a lot about the experience of the agent you are working with.  Ask these questions so you know who is QUALIFIED or NOT qualified to help you buy one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life.

Need help in the Livermore area finding a home to live in, or invest in?   I'm happy to help you move forward in the right direction.  Contact me today.

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