5 Apples to Apples Tips in Tri-Valley Real Estate



Ok, what does this anology have to do with writing offers on homes?  Well, it’s all about a simple concept.  You want your apple to be sweeter than the other guy.  You have competition to beat. 


If you want to get your offer accepted, please listen up.   I have a few tips and advise you might want to consider. 


Tip #1:   Choose your buyer agent wisely.   If your agent is not well respected by other agents and does not cooperate well within the local real estate community, you move one branch down the tree.  All else equal, the cooperative, well-liked agent wins out every time. 


Tip #2:   Use a local expert.  When buying investments in Rome, use a Roman agent.  All kidding aside,  if you are buying investment property or otherwise,  in Livermore, seek the advise of a Livermore expert.  If buying a home in Fremont, Ca, seek out help from a local Fremont specialist.   Local experts have thier ears to the ground and have deep connections that are valuable to you in your home search. They will keep you from making embarrasing offers that may upset a Seller. 


Tip #3:  Put as much money down as you can.  Large down payments are seen as a sign of strength.


Tip #4:  Provide a compelling cover letter with photo to complete your offer package.   It’s time to get back to basics like in the  “olden days “ when a hand written note and photo of the family was provided to the Seller.  In a traditional sales situation, this can make the difference.


Tip #5:  When viewing a home with the Seller present,  keep you mouth quiet.   The houses you preview are practically sacred  to the Seller.  Remember, this is their home.  If you are overheard saying negative things about the home,  you might as well have shot yourself in the foot.  Whether or not a Seller likes you,  is a big deal.  It can make or break you.


Shopping for a home today?  I can help.  


Natalie Swanson


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