3 Key Elements To a Perfect Sale

Selling a home quickly and for the highest price requires that the three key elements to marketing be thoughtfully chosen.  What are these elements?  Product, price and pitch!  Yes, this sounds like basic marketing 101 from my college days at St. Mary's but the same remains true today.

The first element, product, needs to be carefully prepared with the help of a keen eye.  A great REALTOR has a knack for knowing what items should be improved in a home prior to sale and has the confidence to be totally honest with their client.  Having a knack comes from the first hand experience of having made similar improvements in other homes and seeing how the market subsequently reacted to the improvements. 

The second element, price, is the most important consideration. No matter how poor a house looks, it can be sold quickly if the price is sufficiently low enough to attract Buyers through the door. I often tell Sellers that the name of the game is getting people in the door.  The market will quickly tell you whether the home is priced correct or not. I like to error on the side of a lower list price. The worst case scenario is that a Seller gets multiple offers. The effect of a price that is too high can be disastrous. 

Marketing verbiage and presentation become the "pitch" in the sales process.   In todays world it is vitally important to use good professional photography as a starting point. Any Seller should expect nothing less.  The highlights of the property need to be pointed out and used prominently; 

With proper analysis a Seller can work hand in hand with their agent to make sure the most important considerations are chosen properly.  The net effect will be a happy Seller and a quick sale.  

If you are considering a sale in the Livermore, Pleasanton please contact me today for a complimentary market analysis of your home.  

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